The Importance of Breathing Room

Do you get anxious when you look at your to-do list? You know there’s no way you can get everything done today, but you push yourself anyway—pinging from one task to the next, working as fast as possible. You look at the clock and 4 or 5 hours have gone by without a break. I’m working on changing this unhealthy habit because I know it isn’t good for my body (or mind).

Everyone needs breathing room in between tasks. Even if it’s just a few minutes for some deep breaths and stretches. It helps clear our minds so we can be more productive (and creative) instead of anxiously cramming tasks into every second of our day. So, I’m setting alarms to remind me to take breaks now. I challenge you to do the same if you also need to work on this. 

The breathing room concept holds true when it comes to design, too. Most of us scan content instead of reading every single word. We unconsciously miss things when a lot of text is crammed into a small space.

So, how do you increase the chances that people will read (and understand) what you’re trying to say in your marketing materials? Use plenty of white space. It can be any color as long as there’s empty space around text and visuals like this example. Breathing room is key to work-life balance AND reaching more people with compelling marketing materials.

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