Achieving Peak Performance Is a Team Endeavor

A 3-step guide with references to the gym and ski slopes

Achieving peak performance reminds me of the time my lower back went out. I tried stretching and physical therapy, but the sharp pains got worse. My friends recommended a local trainer, so I carefully headed to the gym to see Mike at 4D Endurance

Mike is a savant in the exercise and training arena. He’s one of those step-by-step problem-solvers you need in all areas of life (and work). Over the next few months, he and his team identified weaknesses and imbalances. They helped me build up specific muscle groups with stretching and strengthening. Now, we’re methodically improving my overall well-being, maximizing my endurance, and improving my ski racing skills instead of putting out painful fires.

How does this relate to graphic design and marketing communications? Read on (she says with a smile) because it parallels the path to peak performance.  

1.) Assess where you are right now. Clarify your pain points. Do you have a consistent brand you continually reinforce through your website, social media, and networking? Are there marketing areas that are rock solid, or maybe even overkill? What’s working for your business? What isn’t working? 

As Mike and I began my fitness program, he helped identify imbalanced areas that caused problems. Let’s just say I named my overeager right ab muscles “Arnold” (as in Schwarzenegger) and my lazy left side “Olive Oyl” (of Popeye fame ).

2.) Dream big and play with goal setting. As a snow skier and slalom racer, you can’t hear peak without daydreaming about the slopes. My mind naturally goes to the Rockies, the Smokies, and the Alps. Massive mountains. What about you? Where do you want to go? What problems need to be solved so you can reach the summit? 

Those are big questions when it comes to major corporations, but all quality marketing communications and branding stems from understanding where you want to go. Regarding my sports fitness, the conversation started with identifying my general goals. We began with pain reduction and then dreamed bigger. 

3.) Put in the time (and work) with experts who can help you pull it all together. Your time is well-spent when you discover the ideal team of trusted professionals. You can strengthen areas that improve balance and performance together. 

Mike knows more about exercise physiology than I do. We made more progress in a few months than I’ve made on my own in years. I trust his expertise, just like corporations and non-profits trust Christianson Design to guide their marketing campaigns. 

Achieving peak performance in life (and business) is a team endeavor. It’s an ongoing process of resolving pain points, dreaming big, and putting in the effort. You don’t have to do it all on your own. You just need to choose the right team to guide you on the path to the summit.    

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