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After 35 years of workaholic tendencies with my design firm, I’m thrilled to share that I’m finally discovering the joys of work-life balance. What changed? I realized that my creativity (and work quality) improves when I’m not glued to a screen 24/7.

Mary Christianson enjoying some work-life balance on the slopes — standing in ski gear next to a yellow sign that says, "Slow. Go with the flow."

Feeling Overwhelmed With Work?

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I first noticed the difference between “Talkers” and “Doers” while attending the University of Michigan Art School. A few students in my color theory, drawing, and industrial design courses excelled at the talking part—explaining intent/ideas/rationale for their work. I felt intimidated and unsure if I was up to pursuing an art career. I had the […]

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

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Achieving peak performance reminds me of the time my lower back went out. I tried stretching and physical therapy, but the sharp pains got worse. How does this relate to graphic design and marketing communications? Read on because it parallels the path to peak performance.

Achieving Peak Performance Is a Team Endeavor