Feeling Overwhelmed With Work?

After 35 years of workaholic tendencies with my design firm, I’m thrilled to share that I’m finally discovering the joys of work-life balance. What changed? I realized that my creativity (and work quality) improves when I’m not glued to a screen 24/7. I used to think I didn’t have time for self-care or breaks. If there were unfinished tasks on my to-do list, I put in more hours on nights and weekends. But you know what? The to-do list never ends. We can’t be “on” all the time without sacrificing our mental and physical health. 

I spent most of February working remotely from Utah and Wyoming in between skiing, sightseeing, and enjoying the local cuisine. Prioritizing fun and relaxation energized me, making me more productive during the workday. The ideas flowed easier, and I felt better, too!

So, if you’re working extra hard and feeling overwhelmed, take a break. Do something fun that makes you smile, even if it’s just for an hour or two. I bet you’ll come back feeling refreshed and will be able to focus more.

Square graphic with the quote "You can't do a good job if your job is all you do." by Katie Thurmes, Co-Founder of Artifact Rising

Have other work-life balance tips? Leave a comment and I’ll give them a try!

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